Measuring system LP

Customised for low pressure applications:
Plug and play – Our gasQS measuring systems are designed for your pressure and temperature conditions.

Messsysteme Niederdruck LP
Messsysteme Niederdruck LP

Measuring system low pressure

Determination of the gas quality in real-time at very low system pressures, such as for uses in distribution networks and power plants. The measuring gas can easily be fed back into the network after the analysis; this minimizes the gas loss due to the measuring equipment and increases the efficiency of the system as a whole.

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Quickly usable
Exterior & interior
Robust design
Easy to install
Compact design

Customized or standard?

The measuring systems of Mems AG are designed with a view to the respective pressure and temperature conditions on a customer-specific basis. Connection for test gases, bypass functions and further options is implemented.

  • In addition to the two standard setups (flonic and static), we also produce customized solutions
  • Simplest commissioning through the integration of all required components in one system


Natural gas networks

Gas indicators such as calorific value, density, real gas factors and hydrogen content can be determined with our measuring device. It also provides support in process monitoring.

Processing industry

The gasQS technology is also used in gas mixing processes. Production processes can thus be managed and at the same time the proportions of binary and ternary gases are determined.

Gas engines

Our measuring device increases the efficiency of gas engines: optimization of effectiveness, calorific value and methane number monitoring and lowering of the emission values.


Whether to determine the gas properties of boil-off, optimize effectiveness or reduce emissions on ships - our gasQS measuring devices can be used in diverse areas.

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Marco Siragna

Head of Sales gasQS

Phone: +41 (0)56 481 90 75

Marco Siragna
Marco Siragna
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