Mems AG has operated successfully on the market as a service company since 2003.

The multi-disciplinary team of engineers and physicists possesses a wealth of experience in developing and building measuring systems of all types.


With the measuring equipment of Mems AG, you can fully harness the potential of a gas in various areas of use.


Mems AG offers you well-founded knowledge, technical support and accompanies your products from the idea to market launch.

Gas measuring technology and electronics

We offer you competent technical support, accompany your products from the idea to market launch and help you lead them to technical and commercial success.


Mems AG Team

Since 2003, Mems AG has employed engineers from the areas of electrical and mechanical engineering, information technology and system technology as well as several physicists.


Einsatz im Biogasanlagen

Our gasQS technology is suitable for all processes in which knowledge of the nature of the flammable gas is important.

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