Our gasQS technology is suitable for all processes in which knowledge of the nature of the flammable gas is important.

Increasing efficiency
Reducing emissions
Increasing safety
Understanding processes
Increasing lifespan

Areas in which our measuring equipment is successfully used:

Biogas plants
  • Management of the fermentation process
  • Determination of the methane content in the product gas
  • Determination of the methane content in the off-gas
  • Automation of conditioning processes
  • Calorific value monitoring of biogas infeeds
Natural gas networks
  • Determination of gas indicators such as calorific value, density and real gas factors
  • Determination of the hydrogen content
  • Management of hydrogen infeed systems
  • Monitoring reconstruction systems
  • Calorific value monitoring of biogas infeeds
Gas engines
  • Efficiency optimization in CHP plants
  • Calorific value and methane number monitoring on engine test benches
  • Higher performance in transportation
  • Increase in operational safety
  • Lower emission values
LNG Wasserstoff
  • Determination of the boil-off gas properties
  • Forced shut-off prevention in ship engines
  • Efficiency optimization in gas engines
  • Reduction of pollutant emissions from ships
P2G & methanation
Power to Gas
  • Regulation & monitoring of methanation processes
  • Purity determination of hydrogen
  • Regulation of the fuel entry
  • Measurement of the Wobbe number or the calorific value
  • Stabilization of temperatures
  • Optimization of chemical processes in glass and ceramic manufacturing
  • Minimization of pollutants
Fuel cells
  • Automatic fuel/air feed regulation
  • Increasing effectiveness
  • Extension of lifespan
Processing industry
  • Proportion determination for binary and ternary gases
  • Regulation & management of production processes
  • Monitoring gas mixing processes


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