Mems AG – more than 20 years of experience and projects in gas measurement technology and electronics. We offer you competent technical support, accompany your products from the idea to market launch and help you to lead them to technical and commercial success.

Mems AG was founded on 3 October 2003. The business premises are located at the company’s own property in Birmenstorf. The Mems team comprises around twenty employees, the majority of whom are engineers from the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, information technology and system technology as well as several physicists.

We are an independent technology company; the company’s shares are owned completely by the employees.


Thanks to the wide range of available expertise and experience in the team, we are able to take on the tasks we are set with a technical and academic approach and to solve them comprehensively. We develop electronics and sensors for our customers from the industrial and service sectors as well as for the public sector and ready them for the market if desired by the customer.

Since 2008, with the support of several sales partners, we have marketed the self-developed technology for gas quality measurement under the trademark gasQS technology.


The name Mems stands for two meanings:

  • Micro-electromechanical Systems on which many of our sensor developments are based
  • Matter Engineering for Metering Systems, derived from the family name of company founder Daniel Matter

The four colors in the logo stand for the four energy forms: gas, electricity, water and heat

Customers & partners


Mems possesses a large network in the area of gas measuring technology and electronics, allowing it to implement exciting projects with a large number of important customers.


News - Energy storage for electromobility

More on current projects, exciting expertise and insights into a typical work day at Mems AG - here you will find current information about our company and the industry.



Mems develops and optimizes affordable measuring systems in order to harness the full potential in a wide variety of areas of use with the knowledge of the quality of the gas.

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