At Mems AG, microsystems and conventional sensors are used for a wide variety of measurement tasks.

One of Mems’ biggest strengths is its well-founded knowledge of the physical background of sensors, which means significant added value in the interpretation of the measurement values.


Expertise and infrastructure

  • Modern laboratory for gas flow measurements (also flammable gases)
  • Temperature cabinets for tempering the test objects (-40 … +180°C)
  • Experimental setups according to individual wishes and needs
  • Professional support
  • Feasibility studies/concepts as well as consulting & reviews in the areas of physics, sensors and measuring technology
  • Metrological support/ development (e.g. evaluation of sensors or gas flow/composition/quality measurements in our own laboratory)

Gas laboratory specifications

Gas measurementsair, N2, CO2, CH4, natural gases
Flow0.1 … 200 l/min (± 0.22%)
Temperature-40 … +180 °C
Pressure0 … 200 bar (static) / 0 … 500 mbar (at flow)
Temperature cabinet2 x 0.72 m3
Specialtest bench with critical nozzles in overpressure process
LocationBirmenstorf AG, Switzerland

We would be happy to provide you with a personal quote

Marco Siragna

Head of Sales gasQS

Phone: +41 (0)56 481 90 75

Marco Siragna
Marco Siragna
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