Remaining or becoming deliverable with redesigns of electronics

13. Jun 2022

Remaining or becoming deliverable with redesigns of electronics

For many electronics producers, the Corona crisis led directly to the component crisis. However, it is no longer just the automotive industry that has been affected.

Due to the shortage of components that has prevailed for months, many companies are hardly able to produce and sell their finished developments. Delivery times for semiconductors, for example, are sometimes over a year. As a result, many electronics developers/manufacturers are forced to react to the supply bottlenecks by adapting existing products, so-called redesigns. This is in order to reduce the dependence on single-source solutions and to remain or become able to deliver.

We at Mems AG are happy to offer you support in hardware & software development or in the redesign of your products. So that they can continue to be produced even in the event of component discontinuations or shortages.

We support you throughout the entire development cycle of your electronic product. We use our many years of experience as a development service provider to implement customer-specific projects - from the idea to the product.

Come to us with your challenges - we will be happy to help you overcome them successfully.

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