Modular remote I/O system

11. Mai 2021

Modular remote I/O system

We have developed a modular I/O system in partnership with our customer. This fast, real-time based system enables smart grid applications in medium-voltage grid. The data recording can be synchronized with a supervisory master.

The hardware is subdivided into the following function blocks:

1. Data recording system for medium-voltage current and voltage transformer: The data processing is carried out in the different function blocks of an FPGA. Two microcontrollers (MicroBlaze in Xilinx Spartan FPGA), implemented in the FPGA as soft-core processors, are responsible for the synchronization of the samples, the complex filtering and calibration of the signals and for sending data.

2. Connecting the front end to the system backplane: The recorded data from the various modules is provided to a central communication module through a backplane.

3. Communication module: An ARM Cortex M3 controller provides the recorded data available on the backplane through the various interfaces to a higher-level system. Ethernet (IEC61850-9-2 protocols), CAN (Controller Area Network), RS485 or RS232 interfaces are available for this.

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