gasQS flonic: OIML R140 class B

22. Aug 2023

The 13-month tests have been completed with very good results, and the test report is now available.

We have taken another big step forward. After months of intensive testing at the NMi Institute, we now have confirmation in hand that the gasQS flonic achieves Class B accuracy based on the requirements of OIML R140 (PDF). The tests included metrological characteristics, functional tests, communication and data processing, mechanical and electrical safety, software and firmware, environmental tests, performance under dynamic conditions and performance under dynamic conditions.

OIML, short for the International Organization of Legal Metrology, is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1955. It is dedicated to promoting and harmonizing international legal metrology practices, ensuring fairness and accuracy in measurements used for trade, health, safety, and environmental protection. OIML develops and publishes standards and recommendations that member countries can adopt, facilitating international trade by ensuring consistent and reliable measurements worldwide. Member countries collaborate to develop and update these standards, contributing to global harmonization in metrological practices, protecting consumers, and supporting industries in complying with measurement-related regulations. OIML

NMi, based in the Netherlands, is a respected institute specializing in metrology, certification, and testing services. Established in 1937, it is known for its expertise in ensuring measurement accuracy and reliability across various industries, including manufacturing, trade, and technology. NMi

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