Electronic domestic gas meter

11. Mai 2021

Electronic domestic gas meter

For Smart Metering applications, the micro-electronic gas meter is the alternative to traditional diaphragm gas meters which have been in use for 150 years.

Due to market liberalization, energy suppliers are now required to read the meters of energy consumers, such as electricity or gas meters, not just once or twice a year but at any time and from anywhere (Smart Metering).

The EGZ-G4 gas meter developed by us was designed to communicate with all standard remote meter reading systems. This means that unlike with traditional meters, no expensive, external encoder is needed.

The microthermal measurement method, which works using CMOS sensors, allows for a design without mechanically moving parts, a high measuring accuracy and an optimization for minimal energy consumption. The determination of the gas consumption is done independently of any temperature and pressure influences.

The multi-award-winning gas meter has been MID-certified since 2007 and is authorized for use for natural gas invoicing purposes throughout Europe.

Since 2009 we have been continuing to develop the technology of the electronic gas meter further on behalf of Diehl Gas Metering and have helped to come up with a new design for the device. The Aerius is sold all over the world by Diehl Gas Metering.

In the meantime, the electronic gas meter developed by us has been optimized by other companies and over a million units are currently in use worldwide, mostly in Italy. Sensirion, the leading manufacturer of sensors and sensor solutions, offers pre-calibrated modules for this application.

Sensirion gas meter module

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