Gas network monitoring

18. Mai 2021

Gas network monitoring

For gas network companies, gasQS™ technology can help to guarantee the expected gas quality throughout the entire natural gas network.

With the ongoing energy transition, it is becoming more and more common for biogas and hydrogen to be fed into the natural gas grid, which causes significant fluctuations in the gas parameters, especially in the calorific value and Wobbe Index. Therefore, large-scale consumers such as cement works and glass manufacturers increasingly demand measurements directly at the extraction points. With the help of gasQS technology, the gas quality can be monitored at each point in the network. In particular, it can help to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Measuring of calorific value, Wobbe Index, density and compressibility throughout the gas network
  • Monitoring of the hydrogen content
  • Maintaining the expected gas quality at biogas entry points
  • Verification of simulation systems

As an example, the results of a gas network simulation system were compared with a gasQS measuring devices and confirmed that the difference was continuously far lower than 1%. Furthermore, outages of the simulation system could be detected. The gasQS measuring devices proved to be much more reliable than the simulation.

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