Monitoring the hydrogen content in gas networks

18. Mai 2021

Monitoring the hydrogen content in gas networks

Optimized for use in natural gas/biogas networks with H₂ admixture, our gasQS™ technology offers several ways to monitor both the gas mixture ratio and gas quality parameters with high accuracy and response speed.

The integration of hydrogen into the energy network is currently a hot topic. A very promising strategy is the conversion of excess electrical energy, for example from photovoltaics or wind turbines, into hydrogen that is then directly fed into the gas supply network. This way, the electrical and gas supply networks can be completely interconnected and electrical energy can be stored for as long as is required. Appropriate measuring technology is required to monitor the hydrogen content in gas networks and our gasQS technology offers a fast, simple and cost-effective solution.

Our ATEX-certified gasQS measuring devices can determine gas quality factors such as calorific value, density, Wobbe Index, compressibility and methane number, as well as the hydrogen content (also for gas mixtures with > 20% H₂). They detect the H₂ content from the first percent and can then continuously display it in real time.

The following schematic picture gives an overview of the different possible applications of these measuring devices.

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