Development for safe offshore oil and gas production

18. Mai 2021

Development for safe offshore oil and gas production

Mems is involved in the development of the world’s first subsea power supply technology. This offers significant potential for cleaner, safer and more sustainable offshore oil and gas production.

Moving the entire oil and gas production facility to the seabed is no longer a dream. Remotely controlled, increasingly autonomous subsea facilities powered by lower carbon energy, are well on the way to become a reality in a new energy future.

With the new underwater energy platform, energy companies all over the world will have access to a power supply with an output of up to 100 megawatts for the first time. The power is carried for up to 600 kilometers and from depths of up to 3000 meters, making oil and gas production feasible in far out and deep ocean environments.

The energy supply needed for the the drive and control systems in the depths of the ocean, is carried with a single cable which requires hardly any, or even no, maintenance for up to 30 years. By powering the required pumps and compressors on the seabed, i.e. closer to the reservoir, the energy cunsumption and thus the CO₂ emissions can be reduced considerably.

The innovative subsea technology can be connected to any energy source. This means that renewable energies such as wind or hydropower could be integrated into the system in the future.

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