Hydrogen in natural gas

16. Nov 2022

Our gasQS™ static has recently been successfully proven in hydrogen measurements in natural gas at two independent research institutes.

On 17.8.2022, a team led by Paul Glanville from the world's largest gas research institute GTI in Chicago Link to website presented us with the results obtained with our gasQS static gas quality measuring instruments in the field of H2 in natural gas on behalf of many large US gas suppliers.

Excellent results!

We may present these in detail as soon as GTI has informed their customers. Real natural gas and methane (CH4) were measured, both pure and mixed with 0 ...30 mol% hydrogen (H2), as well as with and without some percent carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2).

In summary: The measurement errors were a maximum of 1 % (absolute) for 30 mol% H2 and a maximum of 0.5 % for all other H 2 concentrations (20, 10, 5 mol%). Details/diagrams are available after receipt of the release by the GTI.

A few weeks ago, we also received measurement data from a renowned research institute in Germany, which tested our gasQS static on behalf of a globally active company in the fuel cell / methanation / P2G / P2X sector. The measurement procedure was as follows:

The hydrogen content in the mixture was adjusted by presetting the natural gas and hydrogen volume flows. The total volume flow of the mixture was kept constant. The measurements were carried out for different total volume flows. The error of the volumetric flow meters was not taken into account.

Below is a graph of the measured data:

Wasserstoff in Ergas

Looking at the absolute errors at 50 and 100 l/h, they are within +/- 0.5 % for the entire range from 0 to 100 mol% H2.

In our estimation, there is hardly any measuring device in the world that is better. What is their estimate?

At 25 and 30 mol% H2 there is a deviation of up to 2 mol% absolute for the two highest flow rates. We assume that this is primarily due to a systematic error in the flow measurements, which, as mentioned at the beginning, was not compensated for.

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