gasQS™ Cloud Solution

07. Dez 2022

Collect measurement data even at remote locations and evaluate it centrally? The gasQS™ Cloud offers a solution for exactly that. We would be happy to show you in a personal meeting what our database can do.

The networking of different measuring points and real-time data evaluation are becoming increasingly important. In the last few years, we have also become increasingly involved with the topic of cloud solutions. This has now led to the development of our own solution, which is particularly helpful in the initial and test phase of our metering systems in customer applications. With the gasQS Cloud, you can gain initial experience with our metering technology without having to integrate the meters into your existing billing and control system.

The gasQS Cloud offers the following functions in a first step:

  • Acquisition of measurement data of various gas quality variables (measurement variables depend on the measuring device used)
  • Recording/storage of all measurement data in a central location
  • Display of the measurement data in graphs and geographical maps
  • Export of data (e.g. as CSV file)
  • Alarms when limit values are exceeded (adjustable)
gasQS™ Cloud Messgrafik

By the way, the largest gas network operator in France decided to monitor the gas network more closely due to increasing fluctuations in the gas composition. The challenge was to develop a measuring system that is energy-autonomous, low-maintenance and very compact (installation volume less than 10 litres). For network monitoring, the measurement data must be made available on a server every hour. The chosen solution was a solar cell with battery buffering to supply the intrinsically safe gasQS flonic and a 4G modem. The photo shows our measuring device (marked) in a gas distribution station and the solar cell behind the control cabinet.

A very interesting point about the correlative gasQS technology is that neither carrier nor calibration gases are needed for operation. It can therefore be used in remote locations with minimal installation volume and effort.

Both this installation and the H2-Mix project of RNG/GVG Link to article use our cloud.

gasQS flonic dezentrale Installation
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